2015 CNU New England Urbanism Awards - Call for Awards Submissions

The New England chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism is seeking submissions for our 2015 Urbanism Awards, which recognize outstanding design, development, and policy achievements in New England. To submit a project you must provide a project description, how the work responds to charter principles, and also a set of photographs and illustrations that capture the essence of the work.The due date for submissions is August 31st, 2015.

New England Urbanism Awards
CNU New England recognizes projects which exemplify the principles set forth in the Charter for the New Urbanism. Entries are judged on the extent to which they fulfill and advance the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism and the companion Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, which define the essential qualities of sustainable urban places from the scale of the region to the building and block. The New England Urbanism Awards recognize excellence in architectural, landscape, and urban designs built in harmony with their physical and social contexts as well as the policies, plans, and codes that structure and help to implement them.

New England Urban Achievement Award
CNU New England is also pleased to continue our Urban Achievement Awards, established to honor those individuals, firms, and organization making contributions to the New Urbanism in New England. The New England Achievement Award will be bestowed not for individual projects, but rather for a career or body of uniform work by the nominee. Awards will be given to practitioners or advocates of the New Urbanism who demonstrate continued achievement and excellence in their field. These and other awards will be presented at the ceremony.

Submission criteria:


Describe how the project was initiated and how the key design and/or planning concepts respond to the challenges posed by the program and context. Please use descriptive information to assist the jury in quickly developing a sound understanding of both the general characteristics of the project and how it demonstrates design excellence and ingenuity. Give details of plan implementation strategy and current stage of and/or planning implementation. Limit to 600 words.


Describe the ways in which the design, plan, or policy responds to and advances the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. While it is acceptable to briefly cite many principles that apply in any of the Charter categories, please concentrate on a few Charter principles that this project best exemplifies. It is the responsibility of the entrant to explain, in terms of intentions and resolution, how the project exceeds the requirements of competent design and illuminates the principles of the Charter. The Charter can be found online at cnu.org/charter. The Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism is a companion to the Charter that clarifies and details the relationship between New Urbanism and sustainability. Consider explaining how the project advances the operating principles presented in the Canons. The Canons may be viewed at cnu.org/canons.


Provide illustrations to explain the context of the project, the major elements of the proposal and the character and quality of places created or envisioned. If appropriate, include photographs of pre-existing conditions and of built results. Illustrations should be clear and their captions concise. It must be clear whether images represent present site conditions, expected site conditions, previous site conditions or off-site precedents. Enter 12 pages of captioned images. The following two images are required: 1.    At least one site or area plan showing the project’s land use, street network, and other elements of its urbanism. 2.    A map or aerial photo showing the larger context in which the project is located and clearly identifying the project’s site boundaries. -    For neighborhood-scale projects, we recommend including a context map (covering at least one square mile) showing the project within the built form of the surrounding area. -    For smaller projects, a context map should show the project in relation to areas within walking distance (approximately ¼ mile). Submit the photographs and illustrations.



The 2014 Urbanism Awards

Established in 2006, CNU New England's Urbanism Awards recognize excellence in architectural, landscape and urban designs built in harmony with their physical and social contexts as well as the policies, plans and codes that structure them. As a chapter, we recognize these projects as models for future design and implementation in New England and beyond.

CNU New England held its third Urbanism Awards ceremony on Thursday, April 10, 2014. This year’s award winners represent innovative planning tools for the profession and large-scale masterplans for urban neighborhoods.


The Jury 

Theodore Brovitz, Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc. Boston MA

David Dixon, Stantec Consulting, Boston MA

Vanessa Farr, City of Yarmouth, ME 

Anne Tate, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI


Grand Award

Boston Complete Streets Design Guidelines |   Boston MA

Category: Block, Street and Building

Submitted by: Utile, Inc.

Project Team:  

Utile, Inc.: Urban Design + Communication Design
Boston Transportation Department: Client
Toole Design Group: Transportation Planning
Charles River Watershed AssociationEnvironmental Advisors 



Award of Excellence

Simsbury Stormwater Module | Simsbury, CT

Category: Planning Tool

Submitted ByMorris Beacon DesignPrinciple Group

Project Team:  

Morris Beacon DesignProject Team Leader 
Principle GroupConceptual Design and Renderings 
Town of SimsburyClient


Award of Excellence 

Inner Belt Brickbottom Plan | Somerville, MA

Category: Neighborhood, District, Corridor

Submitted ByGoody Clancy

Project Team:  

Goody ClancyPlanning and Urban Design
W-ZHACommercial Market Analysis
Fay, Spofford & ThorndikeTransportation Planning and Traffic
Kittleson Associates, Inc.Transportation Planning
PlaceMattersCommunity Engagement
SMCSurvey Mapping
SystraTransit Operations and Service Analyis
Carol R. Johnson AssociatesLandscape Architecture    



Honorable Mention

Hill to Downtown Community Plan | New Haven, CT

Category: Neighborhood, District, Corridor

Submitted By: Goody Clancy

Project Team:  

Goody ClancyPlanning and Urban Design
City of New HavenClient + Owner 
W-ZHACommercial Market Analysis
Zimmerman/Volk AssociatesResidential Market Analysis
CDM Smith, Inc.Civil Engineering and Survey
Nelson/NygaardTransportation Planning
Nigret Partners LLCEconomic Analysis