2014 New Urbanism Awards Announced!

The New England Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism held its third Urbanism Awards ceremony on Thursday, April 10 at the Asgard, in Cambridge, MA. Established in 2006, The Urbanism Awards recognize projects which fulfill and advance the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism and the Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, which define the essential qualities of sustainable urban places from the scale of the region down to the level of the building and the block.

 The Urbanism Awards recognize excellence in architectural, landscape and urban designs built in harmony with their physical and social contexts as well as the policies, plans and codes that structure them. As a chapter, we recognize these projects as models for future design and implementation in New England and beyond. This year’s award winners represent planning tools for the profession and large-scale masterplans for urban neighborhoods.

 Grand Award – Boston Complete Streets Design Guidelines, Boston, MA

Category: Block, Street and Building                                         Submitted By: Utile, Inc

Project Team:              Utile, Inc.                                        Urban Design/Communication Design

                                    Boston Transportation Department       Client

                                    Toole Design Group                              Transportation Planning

                                    Charles River Watershed Association     Environmental Advisors

Juror’s Comments:

This set of guidelines for street design and interventions is a grand achievement, and represents “a triumph of policy over politics.” The Guidelines present an effective kit of parts,  compiling strategies for design at the cartway, curbside, pedestrian way and beyond. The intelligently simple Guidelines “eschew the traditional, auto-centric classification of roadways, and instead define a taxonomy of urban streets—from “Downtown Commercial” to “Neighborhood Connector”—that holistically consider a street’s urban design context and neighborhood character.” The jury noted that the project demonstrates the physical implications that unfold when every detail is considered with the attitude that people are always more important than automobiles.


Urbanism Award – Simsbury Stormwater Module, Simsbury, CT

Category: Planning Tool                           Submitted By: Morris Beacon Design + Principle Group

Project Team:    Morris Beacon Design                           Project Team Leader

                           Principle Group                                     Conceptual Design and Renderings

                          Town of Simsbury                                 Client

            Juror’s Comments:

The Simsbury Stormwater Module is a “terrific, well-illustrated and accessible” set of stormwater regulations, performance standards and planning and design guidelines for a small New England. The project fills an important need, in providing an alternative approach to stormwater regulations, beyond the current archaic standards that exist throughout our region. This module’s triumph is that is an extremely useful and adaptable tool for other planners and communities promoting higher density infill development.


Urbanism Award – Inner Belt Brickbottom Plan, Somerville, MA

Category: Neighborhood, District, Corridor        Submitted By: Goody Clancy

Project Team:  Goody Clancy                          Planning and Urban Design

W-ZHA                                      Commercial Market Analysis

                        Fay, Spofford & Thorndike       Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering

                        Kittelson Associates, Inc.           Transportation Planning

PlaceMatters                              Community Engagement

SMC                                           Survey and Mapping

Systra                                         Transit Operations and Service Analysis and Planning

Carol R. Johnson Associates     Landscape Architecture

             Juror’s Comments:

The Inner Belt Brickbottom plan presents a vision for a 150-acre site surrounding a future transit station scheduled to open in 2017.  The project team addresses economic development opportunities, presents a multi-modal transportation analysis, and provides a vision for increased housing, open space and site connectivity. The jury was impressed by the organic nature of the plan, as it assumes an incremental development approach that is composed of both small, simple tactical programming interventions and larger, more complex building and infrastructure investments.


Honorable Mention – Hill to Downtown Community Plan, New Haven, CT

Category:         Neighborhood, District, Corridor   Submitted By: Goody Clancy

Project Team:  Goody Clancy                                 Planning and Urban Design

City of New Haven                          Client / Owner

W-ZHA                                            Commercial Market Analysis

Zimmerman/Volk Associates          Residential Market Analysis

CDM Smith, Inc.                               Civil Engineering and Survey

Nelson/Nygaard                             Transportation Planning

Ninigret Partners LLC                     Economic Analysis

Juror’s Comments:

This smart plan for an 150-acre site in New Haven makes important connections between downtown, the medical and research center, surrounding neighborhoods and the train station. The plan leverages Yale’s investments in a life-science innovation district to create a new urban district that is welcoming and accessible to all of New Haven’s citizens and visitors. The jury commends the team for the in-depth community participation process that they undertook in order to gain the community’s trust and support.



Ted Brovitz, Manager, Community Planning & Design - Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc., Boston, MA

David Dixon, FAIA, Urban Design Leader – Stantec Consulting Ltd., Boston, MA

Vanessa L. Farr, CNU-A, Director of Planning and Development - Yarmouth, ME

Anne Tate, Professor – Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI